About Coffeetopia<span class="tm">TM</span>

About CoffeetopiaTM

  • CoffeetopiaTM was founded in 1994 by Kristin and Dave Larkin in Boulder Creek, California. After a year an eastside Santa Cruz location was opened on Portola Drive, and a few years after that the Mission St. CoffeetopiaTMcame to be. In early 2008 we acquired a Live Oak location on Capitola Rd.  More Espressos! Great Baked Goods! Coffee and Broadband for ALL!  Bring your laptop and utilize our FREE Wi-Fi network while enjoying our coffee and atmosphere.  You may also enjoy seeing the local art adorning our walls and more importantly, striking up a conversation with the fascinatingly varied individuals we are fortunate to call our customers.

    CoffeetopiaTM has always been first and foremost about COFFEE! We try very hard to brew the best Italian style espressos and traditionally American brewed coffees.  Order a double cappuccino for yourself and a hearty full city Brew Bar for your friend Steve.  We have found that word-of-mouth has been our most effective advertising method, and coffee aficionados our best spokespeople. Service, convenience, cleanliness and variety are all important parts of a successful cafe, but ultimately it's a fantastic cup of coffee or perfectly prepared cappuccino that tops the list. We invite you to come visit and experience CoffeetopiaTM!

    Did I mention that we never sleep? :-)

More About Our Coffee... and Teas!

  • We Topians have a strong passion for what we consider to be an awesome cup of brewed coffee, or straight-shot espresso, or sublime green tea. We absolutely strive to offer you the best examples of what we serve. To that end, we have happily and enthusiastically been working with the Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Company since our start in 1994 to use the best Fair Trade varietal and blended coffees we could find. With the completion of many years working on an organic espresso blends, we are now proudly serving up the best organic espresso and espresso-based drinks in our history! 

  •  We have always offered a great variety of teas to our guests, but recently with the addition of some truly exceptional loose teas from our friends at Silk Road Teas, we finally feel that our tea offerings are firing on all cylinders!  Whether you're in the mood for a quick organic mint tea to go, or a delicious pot of White Peony (Bai Mu Dan) steeped to your preference, we have it. We offer our teas to go or if you have the time served in ceramic cups and pots. Enjoy!

    We realize everybody likes something different, and no one individual (or coffeehouse) is the arbiter of what is "right" or "best".  So. Try our classic espresso. Try a pot of Oolong tea.  However, If you decide what you really want is whipped Mocha Cream on an african Zawadi Chai.... We're here to help.