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Coffeetopia Menu

We decided to skip the oh-so-boring list of all we offer and instead touch on some things that we think make us special. Suffice to say that we offer all of the traditional drinks and preparations you would expect to find in a contemporary espresso cafe, but we have more...

Coffee Beverage

Our espresso and espresso drinks revolve around the idea that the espresso is the focal point, the spirit and the flavor around which everything else rotates. You can't make an excellent espresso drink with a mediocre shot of espresso, so every espresso pulled should be perfect. If it's not, we'll chuck it and pull another--it's critical to getting it right! Anything else that is a part of any given espresso drink should work to both bring out the best flavor the coffee has to offer, and satisfy the likes and dislikes of the person ordering. 

One of the things we do differently is that we source, sweeten and mix our own german cocoa--very uncommon to do since it takes a lot more effort and work than just ordering up another box of Ghirardelli or Gutitard sweetened cocoa from a supplier. By blending our own cocoa, we not only get to choose from a wider array of cocoas, but we also get to balance the sweetness of our blend. This allows us to retain an honest espresso balance in our mochas and also offer up some amazing hot cocoas.


Not in the mood for coffee? That's great! We've got you covered! Over twenty great hot teas to choose from, two very distinct chai blends, the aforementioned hot cocoas, fresh-made lemonade (lemons-water-sugar... sshhhhh!). We make our smoothies with 100% fruit and juice, with no ice filler or high-tech "smoothie base" powders or such. ( If we add a special flavor it's using a naturally flavored syrup, and we do have one smoothie that's a soy-banana-chocolate creeation, so no fruit juice.) We also carry a small selection of Yerba Mate--either unsmoked or the traditional smoked; come in and experience the daily drink of millions across South and Central America!

Our most popular foodie item is our bagels, which we proudly source from The Bagelry downtown. We offer what we think are some of the best cream cheeses and spreads in town, in part because we make everything in-house. Hummus! Did I mention our hummus? It's really good, but only if you like garlic, bold spices and real virgin olive oil! We also make a non-dairy smoked tofu bagel spread--tasty, healthy, and uniquely Coffeetopia. In addition to bagels we have pastries fresh daily, quiches and grab-and-go foods, some tasty dessert bars, etc. If you're hungry we will take care of you!

For those who prefer something cold, we blend up a Frozen Mocha, again with the idea that it's still all about the coffee. Top it off with some of our Mocha Whipped Cream--again a Coffeetopia exclusive. It's just whipped cream, chocolate, espresso and vanilla--easy, but so far no one else is doing it! Go Figure!


Beer taps at Coffeetopia?!? NO! But we do serve up some very robust and delicious Organic Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee on tap at all Coffeetopia locations. We brew at 20 hours, and have been surprised at the positive reception our Cold Brew has garnered. We also now offer Organic Revive Kombucha on tap! This super tasty kombucha is hand crafted in Sonoma County and delivered directly to Coffeetopia. We offer the original "OG" flavor, a pro-biotic blend of black tea, vanilla and lemon. Try this amazing new offering at any of our three locations.


From our two larger locations we finally offer bulk brewed coffee sales, from less than a gallon (90 oz--12 8oz cups) up to twenty gallons (365 8oz cups!). These are presented in returnable air pots and catering carafes, or in the case of our smallest 90oz size a single-use cardboard bag-in-a-box. Ask about which size is right for your event, with pricing dependent on if you need brewed coffee only, or full service(brewed coffee plus cups, stir sticks, cream, sugars, etc).